Better Data Quality:
-easier access to representative audience
-collect well-considered, in-depth responses
-peer interaction yields more insights - more accurate “in the moment” responses
Stronger Engagement:
-highly intuitive and usable design
-highly intuitive and usable design
-familiar social networking experience
Faster Results:
-monitor, probe and report in real-time
-instant feedback from the community
-rapid reporting and instant transcription

Online Project Examples:

-Online Focus Group
-Home Use Test
-In-Depth Interviews
-Concept Test

Service Offerings:

-Participant Recruitment
-Screener Development
-Project Management
-Reporting & Analysis
Panel Management:

We create abundant qualified respondents' attribute data, mark target subgroups, and expand customized fields according to project needs, including string, numeric value, time and so on. It facilitates the detailed screening of specific interviewees, visual progress management, and background data view / export.


-In the form of a micro community, "real-time tracking" gets the most true experience feedback for a few days or even weeks.。
-Custom log format, including single or multiple types, and open end, and to support multimedia data collection.

-Customize the permissions of the interviewees to avoid the "proposal leader".
-Real time / non real time online discussion, forum, support for quantitative voting, questionnaire survey.
-Support interviews between interviewees and interviewers at any time.
-In the backstage, the project progress view and the real-time data analysis are carried out in real time.
Thermodynamic chart:
-Online advertising evaluation.
-According to the number, position and attitude preference expressed by the interviewees,
a visual thermal map is generated for a visual and full view analysis.
Statistical analysis of high frequency words:
-Targeted keyword / word analysis.
-According to the selected topic item text, the system automatically pick all of its text, and calculate the natural frequency of cutting, customers can quickly find useful keywords to probe further.

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