About recent China domestic market development trend share 201608

1、Tmall becomes the biggest E-commerce clothing sales platform in China, stands 2/3 of the total B2C China E-commerce clothing sales revenue.

2、Based on 38th China internet development statue static report:
Till June 2016, the internet users have reached at 710million, among them, 190 million are rural ones. Mobile internet users have reached at 656 million, and the average assumption on internet has reached at 26.5 hours per week.

3、Forbes issued that 80s love Apple brand most, and 90s love Mi brand most.

Among Y generation ( 1980s -middle of 1990s)  in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, the most popular brands are Apple, Weichat, Alipay, Taobao, Adidas,  and Zara, while among Z generation (middle of 1990 to 2000s), the most popular ones are Mi phone, Adidas, Nike, Uniqlo, Zara and Converse.

Conclusion: Y generation emphasizes more on technology and Z generation emphasizes more on clothing.

4、Suzhou is titled as the most favorable city to live in China.

5、The revenue on China social media on 2016 reached at 3 billion 700million USD, 13% against the whole global share.

6、Hangzhou becomes the biggest mobile payment city, 98% taxi, over 95% super chains, and over 50% restaurants can be paid by mobile service.

7、TNS has found that over 56% Chinese tourists go on travel on purpose of experiencing local culture.

Emarket estimate that till 2017, APAC markets will become the biggest web-reservation travel market.

TNS has also found that the local goods and souvenir are the most popular products among Chinese tourists.

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