Yearly Income


Annual income among post 90s focus between 50000RMB below and 50000-100000RMB, and the total ratio reaches at 71%; Whereas the working years is more among 80s and focus between 50000-100000RMB and 100000-200000RMB.




The basic expense among post 90s is over40% in all list of expenses, and the second expense is recreation, of which owns 28% in all expenses, and is much higher than other age range. In post 80s, the basic expense drops to 35% and the recreation drop to only 16%, while the expense on their children‘s education increases to 13%.


Holiday relaxation


The proportion among post 80s and 90s is obviously much smaller than post 60s and 70s, the main reason is that the economy ability among 60s and 70s is usually better than 80s and 90s, which makes them to set aside money for leisure holiday. Post 90s prefer to stay at home than 60s, and post 80s have more desire on assumption main because they are at stage of new family built.


Online financial management            


Post 80s more prefer to online financial management, of which the proportion is highest among all age range, while post 90s reaches at 77% in terms of ration of online financial management.

For reference (Ratio of online financial management):


Post 60s 72%  Post 70s 80%  Post 80s 83%    Post 90s 77%


Financial Return Rate

The financial Return Rate in post 90s is lowest and 55% of respondents are among 0-5% in terms of financial Return Rate, 25% for 5-10%, 7% for 10-15% and 2% for 15% above.


Post 80s

36% for 0-5%, 41% for 5-10%, 10% for 10-15%, and 5% for 15% above.


Post 70s

31% for 0-5%, 45% for 5-10%, 13% for 10-15% and 4% for 15% above.


Post 60s

37% for 0-5%,34% for 5-10%,12% for 10-15% and 5% for 15% above.


Offline financial management


Ratio of those who are willing to try offline financial management 


Post 70s 8%  Post 80s 13%  Post 90s 7%  Post 60s none


Ratio of those who are willing to try offline financial management 


Post 60s 54%   Post 70s 40%  Post 80s 44%  Post90s 57%


Conclusion: among all age range, online financial management is more preferred.

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